26 Commits (8cada11fb8ca1c286ee60633f21a22047b6eb9b3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Syping 90265d23b8 remove player fetching to protect players 4 years ago
Syping 25c64b7f5d improving player parser 4 years ago
Syping 3b305fb809 add clipboard import 4 years ago
Syping fdf07dd681 SnapmaticPicture now stay alone, gta5sync references reduced 4 years ago
Syping 4e3323cbf2 fix chmod and desktop file 5 years ago
Syping a591adf6ea added ability to change Snapmatic Location 5 years ago
Syping f62b1b08c0 last code patch from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping 0069bb0b95 latest changes from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping e047e1b44d finishing up gta5view 1.4.0 5 years ago
Syping 24b1f32bbe first development version of 1.4.x 5 years ago
Rafael 7591d805c9 threading issues fixed 5 years ago
Rafael fab5e4600b latest commits from gta5sync 5 years ago
Rafael 50866075b5 showing name of crew and created date of picture 6 years ago
Rafael dcb95f5c77 added language change, translation files updated 6 years ago
Rafael 0089a6d7f6 DatabaseThread optimized 6 years ago
Rafael 321398f674 API request time change, PictureDialog size fix 6 years ago
Rafael de18060e6c remove debug code in DatabaseThread 6 years ago
Rafael b06706a895 CrewID 0 can't be scanned, so don't even try it 6 years ago
Rafael d42d8b9900 Social Club using now HTTPS 6 years ago
Rafael e6bfb97cc8 clean memory allocation after downloading player names 6 years ago
Rafael c9ad204a2a only one quick time scan 6 years ago
Rafael 1c933f2435 change player API delay 6 years ago
Rafael 7d099291ad picture parsing is now on Thread, design changes 6 years ago
Rafael e0f9d9b1a1 crew scan feature improved 6 years ago
Rafael 4334537966 added name updating while window open 6 years ago
Rafael 49d29aa3ec added get member name from Social Club 6 years ago