25 Commits (1.10.x)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Syping 04603af8ff Fix Qt4 qAsConst 1 year ago
Syping 0686b9a65d Add Cayo Perico Map, optimisations 1 year ago
Syping 2f7e4a154d Qt6 telemetry build fix, PictureDialog crash fix 1 year ago
Syping 678425a7c5 Ported now to Qt 6 2 years ago
Syping c67a0a0fc9 add new crews to list 4 years ago
Syping 39f20aca9d added ability to read GTA V game language 4 years ago
Syping c29cc44717 added the ability to import duplicates 4 years ago
Syping 29f883555d fixed UI issues, Personal Usage data check box added 4 years ago
Syping fdf07dd681 SnapmaticPicture now stay alone, gta5sync references reduced 4 years ago
Syping 26a24122e1 improved telemetry + player list and fixed some other issues 4 years ago
Syping d0caea372c added telemetry 4 years ago
Syping 9b6253b848 added mass tool and improved import 4 years ago
Syping 6938ca577d added Snapmatic Players Editor 4 years ago
Syping f9eee75757 add JSON Editor + Interface improvements 5 years ago
Syping f62b1b08c0 last code patch from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping 4169e86f31 latest changes from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping 0069bb0b95 latest changes from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping e047e1b44d finishing up gta5view 1.4.0 5 years ago
Syping ed559f3ce9 DPI awareness and latest changes from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping 6b4f856e4d latest changes from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping 24b1f32bbe first development version of 1.4.x 5 years ago
Rafael fab5e4600b latest commits from gta5sync 5 years ago
Rafael 1bc4aead23 Hotfix for hidden + backup combo problem 5 years ago
Rafael aeb15cb796 Accidently wrong commited files replaced 5 years ago
Rafael 5c9ac81f8e Qualify as avatar added 5 years ago