11 Commits (1.6.x)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Syping fdf07dd681 SnapmaticPicture now stay alone, gta5sync references reduced 1 year ago
  Syping 26a24122e1 improved telemetry + player list and fixed some other issues 1 year ago
  Syping 4e3323cbf2 fix chmod and desktop file 1 year ago
  Syping a591adf6ea added ability to change Snapmatic Location 1 year ago
  Syping f62b1b08c0 last code patch from gta5sync 1 year ago
  Syping 0069bb0b95 latest changes from gta5sync 1 year ago
  Rafael fab5e4600b latest commits from gta5sync 2 years ago
  Rafael 787bb81fda fixed unicode problem in GlobalString parser 3 years ago
  Rafael b1df9c0acb Qt4 build fix 3 years ago
  Rafael 40eb28b65d loading globalMap into RAM 3 years ago
  Rafael 043c657119 add Area Location String to PictureDialog 3 years ago