• 1.10.1 3cd6cc903d

    Syping released this 2021-06-17 06:14:35 +02:00 | 4 commits to 1.10.x since this release

    Improvements (from 1.10 series)

    • Ability to open Cayo Perico map
    • Ability to crop to aspect ratio
    • Ability to take new Snapmatic while gta5view is loaded in a profile
    • Ability to open gta5view Exports from file managers with installed builds
    • Core improvements
    • Many bug fixes

    Bugfix (since 1.10.0 client)

    • Release builds no longer detected as development builds

    Bugfix (since 1.9.0 client)

    • Overwrite Image now change buffer correctly

    Bugs: Report here