RAGE Photo Parser
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Open Source RAGE Photo Parser for GTA V and RDR 2

  • Read/Write RAGE Photos error free and correct
  • Support for metadata stored in RAGE Photos
  • Export RAGE Photos to jpeg with ragephoto-extract
  • High Efficient and Simple C/C++ API

Build libragephoto

git clone https://github.com/Syping/libragephoto
cmake -B libragephoto-build libragephoto
cmake --build libragephoto-build
sudo cmake --install libragephoto-build
Optional CMake flags


RagePhoto API

RagePhoto C API
RagePhoto C++ API

libragephoto Documentation

Main Page
Build libragephoto
Using libragephoto

How to Use ragephoto-extract

ragephoto-extract PGTA5123456789 photo.jpg
ragephoto-extract PRDR3123456789 photo.jpg