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Syping 8e73219549 RagePhotoData: make it clear that RagePhotoData is a C type struct 3 weeks ago
Syping 1173db1aa8 RagePhoto: avoid setData() replacing it's own RagePhotoData 3 weeks ago
Syping 96eae4f957 change setData() attitude with the internal data object 3 weeks ago
Syping a704ee046a add setData() and ragephoto_setphotodata() functions 3 weeks ago
Syping 24d6f58b74 RagePhoto: fix build error for older C++ standards 3 weeks ago
Syping 2b878cf416 RagePhoto: make RagePhotoData m_data a pointer 3 weeks ago
Syping db9a0eaf9a RagePhoto: uncomment setHeader HeaderMallocError code 3 weeks ago
Syping 13650527be add function ragephoto_getphotodata() to the C API 3 weeks ago
Syping d7e31ecada struct, enum and few other changes 3 weeks ago
Syping f99456cb63 RagePhotoData: change struct to a C typedef struct 4 weeks ago
Syping f0a0580682 RagePhoto: fix iconv regression 4 weeks ago
Syping e08b45d980 low level improvements and data type changes 4 weeks ago
Syping 4b9637e0fd Emscripten: add _malloc to EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS 4 weeks ago
Syping 54912a63ab Emscripten: set ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH to 1 4 weeks ago
Syping 95943203e0 libragephoto: 2022 update 1 month ago
Syping 087534bf6e CMake: improved Unicode tests 1 month ago
Syping 91404a5f77 CMake: improved Unicode tests 1 month ago
Syping 1d522d0667 CMakeLists.txt 2022 update 6 months ago
Syping 6a50ca75a1 CMakeLists.txt update, RagePhoto add data() function 1 year ago
Syping 930897cf97 windows.yml: add Windows MSVC cross compile 1 year ago
Syping 7326cc26c7 unicode.cmake improvements, RagePhoto API changes 1 year ago
Syping eed3290633 CMake and GitHub Actions update installations 1 year ago
Syping 9132f92410 GitHub Actions: Artifact uploads added 1 year ago
Syping 6d71d480b7 GitHub Actions: add webassembly.yml and update ubuntu.yml 1 year ago
Syping aa9ac44f3e CMake, Doc and README updates 1 year ago
Syping 81675355b0 RagePhoto: full read support for RDR 2 Photos 1 year ago
Syping c89296c775 RagePhoto: improve save efficiency by using std::string as buffer 1 year ago
Syping 285df4893d RagePhoto: remove static library functions from the class 1 year ago
Syping b900df55cc Add std:: at some forgotten malloc and free 1 year ago
Syping 584105eeed Use std:: at malloc, realloc and free 1 year ago
Syping 9e0bba72bb fix C/C++ API links 1 year ago
Syping c6566c8f17 WebAssembly CMake support and other changes 1 year ago
Syping 44d67fa78f Improve ragephoto-extract, RagePhoto header change 1 year ago
Syping 136a6e1fec update links and link/ref to C API 1 year ago
Syping a5a501f6fe C API and .gitattributes improvements 1 year ago
Syping 57f37bf88a CMake: Fix incorrect number of arguments at INSTALL_RPATH 1 year ago
Syping f75fcef519 WinCvt: fixing MSVC build with including windows.h 1 year ago
Syping 2b6e581c8e Win32 resources: use "lib" prefix 1 year ago
Syping bb53b342b7 CMake updates, Win32 resources and .gitattributes added 1 year ago
Syping 56314c2738 CI: Update ubuntu.yml and add windows.yml 1 year ago
Syping b47456844a CMake: Seperate Unicode tests 1 year ago
Syping adebf504bb Unicode: changed implementation selection 1 year ago
Syping 05890541dc add Win32 API Unicode converter, other small changes 1 year ago
Syping 85ab850895 CMake: improve overview 1 year ago
Syping 81ac027d5d pkg-config: improve ragephoto.pc 1 year ago
Syping 624191e9f4 C API: fix small documentation mistake 1 year ago
Syping 4c43596e2a C API: add ragephoto_clear() 1 year ago
Syping 67ed433f6b C/C++ API improvements, CMake include dir change 1 year ago
Syping d8c99b9067 RagePhoto-Extract: use C API when enabled 1 year ago
Syping 2fcc5b0ba7 add version features 1 year ago