567 Commits (29f883555d58d938eb5b27b56e45fb591e9e6037)

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  Syping 29f883555d fixed UI issues, Personal Usage data check box added 1 year ago
  Syping 8fc3dc6c7c Update to Qt 5.9.6 build 1 year ago
  Syping 72377e49eb delete audio folder now at uninstall 1 year ago
  Syping 5840d8e8e9 fix copy paste mistake with removing cd 1 year ago
  Syping d0e157bf1c update Windows Qt to 5.9.5 1 year ago
  Syping 9b41d80d9a change SPV screenshot format to .png 1 year ago
  Syping 06ada3d770 updated README pictures 1 year ago
  Syping cd20e0b512 Telemetry system updated 1 year ago
  Syping bd97ee86ba update community translation files 1 year ago
  Syping 7b98e75f8d clean up resources 1 year ago
  Syping 99ffbf4178 update en_US translation 1 year ago
  Syping 108f1725f6 remove unused strings 1 year ago
  Syping 5c7cb24c36 update travis script 1 year ago
  Syping 6e335638a3 fix dropbox 1 year ago
  Syping 5a4b2f1d67 add dropbox_uploader to docker 1 year ago
  Syping d91b9f5f43 install curl for Dropbox build 1 year ago
  Syping 3dfc2e001b fix dropbox build 1 year ago
  Syping 1b54c8c456 add dropbox_uploader 1 year ago
  Syping 979747b8f5 update scripts to dev build 1 year ago
  Syping e74b19fed0 update travis scripts with PACKAGE_CODE var 1 year ago
  Syping d94a3712be add git head if not tagged 1 year ago
  Syping e765511614 fix release labels 1 year ago
  Syping 61864c65eb rename installer after packaging 1 year ago
  Syping bf81aea0c9 fix OS build, add deployment label 1 year ago
  Syping 48650633a5 fix OS X build 1 year ago
  Syping 2b3a22b893 fix OS X build 1 year ago
  Syping 9b373669b2 add future watermark to resources 1 year ago
  Syping 55a01e7fe4 readme updated 1 year ago
  Syping fdf07dd681 SnapmaticPicture now stay alone, gta5sync references reduced 1 year ago
  Syping b799c4551d dump OS X build because Qt 5.11 means deprecating my code 1 year ago
  Syping 2f4de16e5d fix OS X build 1 year ago
  Syping 65bc740b88 Fix translation issues and update location files 1 year ago
  Syping eb505c7d8a update qt translation files 1 year ago
  Syping a6939e9a82 1.5.3 release 1 year ago
  Rafael b6ac8f8283
ukrainian language added 1 year ago
  VenJam1n 919bd50b6e
Add files via upload 1 year ago
  Syping 7e8e452850 adapt .nsi script for docker image 1 year ago
  Syping 7662b374e5 Fixed issue with profile not closed after change GTA folder 2 years ago
  Syping 9272f0d3c1 improved readme 2 years ago
  Syping 8a3bd5497e improve readme 2 years ago
  Syping 12f8430f34 fix .nsi directory of installed library 2 years ago
  Syping fbc9e66de2 add missing imageformats and fix slot disconnect error 2 years ago
  Syping 4af7e2e819 1.5.0 release 2 years ago
  Syping 6f8d28c844 prepare 1.5.0 release 2 years ago
  Syping bcd2d570c2 set BuildCode on GitHub for Travis based builds 2 years ago
  Syping 9362e88708 added BuildCode 2 years ago
  Syping 10b6222ae8 add NSIS script for gta5view Installer 2 years ago
  Syping d1a2b03353 prepare Release build 2 years ago
  Syping 39a83200d2 fix language display error 2 years ago
  Syping ebe8d616f2 Updated French Translation from gta5sync 2 years ago