26 Commits (1.10.x)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Syping 268e8d3468 Feature: Auto-detect new files in Profile folder 12 months ago
Syping 522cb469b7 ProfileLoader check if regular file 1 year ago
Syping 2f135cd373 optimise ProfileLoader 1 year ago
Syping 04603af8ff Fix Qt4 qAsConst 1 year ago
Syping 23e9c48248 macOS CI script update, ProfileLoader debug code removal 1 year ago
Syping a4bc9a3b75 Fix RagePhoto runtime crashes, const improvements 1 year ago
Syping 9adc8d9650 Aspect Ratio fixes, HiDPI fullscreen fix 1 year ago
Syping 2bb3f7f62d SnapmaticPicture: wrap getContentMaxLength 2 years ago
Syping 4d9cd2d9ff Qt6: Avoid timestamp string conversion 2 years ago
Syping fdf07dd681 SnapmaticPicture now stay alone, gta5sync references reduced 4 years ago
Syping 4e3323cbf2 fix chmod and desktop file 4 years ago
Syping eeb0c01a5f repair broken Snapmatics and fix Snapmatic format issue 5 years ago
Syping f62b1b08c0 last code patch from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping 4169e86f31 latest changes from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping 0069bb0b95 latest changes from gta5sync 5 years ago
Syping e047e1b44d finishing up gta5view 1.4.0 5 years ago
Rafael 7591d805c9 threading issues fixed 5 years ago
Rafael fab5e4600b latest commits from gta5sync 5 years ago
Rafael 5086fb8f3f adding Snapmatic Property Editor 6 years ago
Rafael ac40a0d194 Rewrite of SnapmaticProperties 6 years ago
Rafael b1155cb2a7 GTA V Folder now over Environment value 6 years ago
Rafael b458850877 fixed some loading glitches 6 years ago
Rafael 6e165de9e2 strings updated, german translation updated 6 years ago
Rafael dca79a061c fixed crew adding overhead 6 years ago
Rafael 32f3c79071 added loading progress frame 6 years ago
Rafael 7d099291ad picture parsing is now on Thread, design changes 6 years ago
Rafael dfa0428cc2 added pic open dialog at ui 6 years ago
Rafael 4aa2fd844e added savegame to ui 6 years ago
Rafael 5ac9276193 some progress at the UI 6 years ago
Rafael a608702e69 added snapmatic + savegame widget 6 years ago
Rafael d28bf999ae first ui dev, open profiles in PictureDialog 6 years ago
Rafael 49d29aa3ec added get member name from Social Club 6 years ago
Rafael 1462f9ef1c read json stream, license to GPLv3 6 years ago