807 Commits (268e8d3468b8469fd25a577a4497796bbf5d56d9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Syping 268e8d3468 Feature: Auto-detect new files in Profile folder 1 year ago
Syping b47a0119a5 SnapmaticPicture: define default PhotoBuffer 1 year ago
Syping 1770ec23e0 Improve ImportDialog layouts 1 year ago
Syping cbe92af194 Force Borderless -> Crop to Aspect Ratio (more clear) 1 year ago
Syping 35924c4696 MapLocationDialog zoom is now experimental (incomplete) 1 year ago
Syping 9c937ff270 rework donation UI 1 year ago
Syping fc08d29fe8 add QR codes for donation addresses 1 year ago
VenJam1n bdf2c35f35 Update Ukrainian translation 1 year ago
Syping a952eff26d Fix donate icon 1 year ago
Syping 955f015de3 Fix Windows resource folder 1 year ago
Syping 7013ade1b5 fix IconLoader typo 1 year ago
Syping 5244f72ec2 QCONF build separates images 1 year ago
Syping 522cb469b7 ProfileLoader check if regular file 1 year ago
Syping 2f135cd373 optimise ProfileLoader 1 year ago
Syping 3c673beed1 Update Korean translation 1 year ago
Syping e572c9c60e code cleanup and improvements 1 year ago
VADemon 6fdab04c05 Update Russian translation 1 year ago
Syping 1c02c37e9c improve donate icon 1 year ago
Syping 8a24060fb2 add donate icon 1 year ago
Ray 694ebc030a Updated Taiwanese translation 1 year ago
Syping 817f356b33 add donation system 1 year ago
Syping 04603af8ff Fix Qt4 qAsConst 1 year ago
Syping 44ab5caedf small RagePhoto cleanup 1 year ago
Syping b747f7cda5 add RAGEPHOTO_BENCHMARK for parser benchmarks 1 year ago
Syping 23e9c48248 macOS CI script update, ProfileLoader debug code removal 1 year ago
Syping a4bc9a3b75 Fix RagePhoto runtime crashes, const improvements 1 year ago
Syping 4e004b1d68 unfinished zoom support 1 year ago
Syping b0f95d1cae Fix default font loading 2 years ago
Syping 962b1c82c3 Build system update, minor fix 2 years ago
Syping 0686b9a65d Add Cayo Perico Map, optimisations 2 years ago
Syping 3ed26d4f9d CMake: Fix gta5view.icns location 2 years ago
Syping 263e714022 Fix Qt6 Windows build, improve build success consistency 2 years ago
Syping dd9c4a7f16 Improve DWM code, remove WinExtras dependency 2 years ago
Syping c1b0053ac8 Force Borderless mode added 2 years ago
Syping 5fd4b48538 Improved PictureDialog resizing 2 years ago
Syping 929d341826 code cleanup, remove first start prompt 2 years ago
Syping fd5006e70f CMake: Full macOS Support, macOS CI uses CMake 2 years ago
Syping 2f7e4a154d Qt6 telemetry build fix, PictureDialog crash fix 2 years ago
Syping d4a6db068b CI: Add Debian backports before updating 2 years ago
Syping 01ad3fd04e Debian Buster target, CI script update 2 years ago
Syping 03f696877e Fix -Wstring-compare warning 2 years ago
Syping bcbe69491b CMake: Support Qt6 translation build 2 years ago
Syping 056ef79aff Fix wrong placed const 2 years ago
Syping 013bfeb8ed CMake and build type recognition improvements 2 years ago
Syping d9eb8d5f95 Year 2021, 1.10 initial dev branch 2 years ago
Syping dd7667b9f7 Build fix Qt6 ifdef 2 years ago
Syping 7adf8f2c90 1.9.1: Cayo Perico DLC update, Multi-select bugfix 2 years ago
Syping 5dbc06f393 gta5view 1.9.0 release 2 years ago
Syping 9adc8d9650 Aspect Ratio fixes, HiDPI fullscreen fix 2 years ago
VenJam1n 0fcd4615cd Fix Ukrainian translation template 2 years ago