642 Commits (8cada11fb8ca1c286ee60633f21a22047b6eb9b3)

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  Syping 8cada11fb8 gta5view 1.6.2 1 year ago
  Syping 90265d23b8 remove player fetching to protect players 1 year ago
  Syping 6b54b2e6ae 1.6.0 release 1 year ago
  VADemon 38f2877ea3 Russian translation updated 1 year ago
  Syping c67a0a0fc9 add new crews to list 1 year ago
  Syping 7a15c3e56b fix ProfileInterface hover bug 1 year ago
  Syping feabaac48e fix warning & readme update 1 year ago
  Jean 6ab75420ec
Update french translation 1 year ago
  Syping cda974d5df update resources 1 year ago
  VenJam1n 36677ed07a Ukrainian translation updated 1 year ago
  Syping 17014925c5 fix retranslateUi 1 year ago
  Syping f151035574 updated chinese translation 1 year ago
  Syping 53ef2bdb54 1.6.0 RC 1 year ago
  Syping 2606cd8965 fix some submit code 1 year ago
  Syping 973fb58a5d don't spam telemetry 1 year ago
  Syping 39f20aca9d added ability to read GTA V game language 1 year ago
  Syping c29cc44717 added the ability to import duplicates 1 year ago
  Syping 9ced2253fc update for travis ci 1 year ago
  Syping 778abdd36a update for travis ci 1 year ago
  Syping 30a6b55c9e ci update 1 year ago
  Syping b02f06ae97 ImportDialog improved 1 year ago
  Syping 193bb60caa image overwriter improved 1 year ago
  Syping 414867f13e imge cropping added 1 year ago
  Syping 7b68bb10b5 add ability to change picture while import process 1 year ago
  Syping 2487a188d5 [ci skip] translation updated 1 year ago
  Syping c34d3331fb remove unneccessary Capacity view, add Commit tag on version 1 year ago
  Syping afeab6120d added GPUs to telemetry data 1 year ago
  Syping 4c6962ab23 increase Snapmatic Max Capacity to 512 KB, support for pre May 2015 2 years ago
  Syping 08ecd5ca61 delete crowdin because i can't afford it 2 years ago
  Syping 5f35428cd0 add watermark 2 years ago
  Syping 714be43280 fix crowdin file name 2 years ago
  Syping 1165c3b536 Update Crowdin configuration file 2 years ago
  Syping 06eb2e4277 update translations for crowdin 2 years ago
  Syping 00db9ecab2 Update Crowdin configuration file 2 years ago
  Syping dc101a66da fix remote import 2 years ago
  Syping 541a7d18bd improve CPU string + GitLab CI 2 years ago
  Syping f932a8d5ee GitLab artifacts updated 2 years ago
  Syping 81ea0490cf add ability to drop images 2 years ago
  Syping a8db3985a2 importUrls added 2 years ago
  Syping 0127bc61e6 improve clipboard processing 2 years ago
  Syping 25c64b7f5d improving player parser 2 years ago
  Syping c3d684436b GitLab builds Windows Installer and Portable only now 2 years ago
  Syping 4135b1f588 minor changes 2 years ago
  Syping 7c08e1486e add Debian build to GitLab CI 2 years ago
  Syping d61cbd4743 add Telemetry to GitLab build 2 years ago
  Syping efa88cc46e add artifacts in .gitlab-ci.yml 2 years ago
  Syping f1cfbbf573 change GitLab Lua to 5.2 2 years ago
  Syping ca8003c2e8 fix .gitlab-ci.yml 2 years ago
  Syping 69a7ec8dbe add .gitlab-ci.yml 2 years ago
  Syping 0321d79136 rename some CI scripts and add GitLab main script 2 years ago